The Selenators already count the days to have “Rare”, the new material of Selena Gomez and the celeb continues to excite her fans with new advances.

Apparently, the singer will release a new promotional single when she releases her album and is giving clues about the songs to all her followers.

Through her Instagram account, Selena shared photographs, which accompanied some phrases that could be part of the lyrics of a song, or some of them.

The first says: “It feels good to dance again,” we know that Sel has managed to overcome his past and emotional crises, so there could be a reference to his good state of emotional and mental health. In addition, as reported by the ET News! This album will be very personal.

However, there is a detail that attracted attention, in 2 other photos, the singer wrote “If the only option is to let it go, I will continue to be vulnerable” and “People can go from people you know to someone you don’t know” . Que??? The lyrics are a bit confusing, but remember that “Lose you to love me” was a bit straightforward about your love past.

Will you talk about someone specific? Until now, we don’t know if they really are part of your new album or are just words that you use for your publications. What do you think?


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