Selena Gomez: fans were angry at the Choice Awards!


This year, Selena Gomez fans showed their anger over the People’s Choice Awards. The highly anticipated 2020 People’s Choice Awards were eagerly awaited by viewers. And for this new year, the surprises were there, therefore.

This night, your favorite stars have received several awards. Following the votes of Internet users, therefore. And this year, Selena Gomez fans have therefore expressed their anger.

Indeed, this year, the pretty brunette was nominated in three categories. However, the singer, who made a triumphant comeback this year, won nothing. At all !

A decision which therefore annoyed her fans on social networks. The latter therefore did not hesitate to express their anger. On Twitter. And on Instagram, therefore.

“This ceremony rewards whoever they want, I don’t understand why Selena Gomez didn’t win anything,” wrote a disappointed fan. And she is far from the only one.


On social networks, aficionados of the American singer therefore want the American organization to justify its choices. “How can Selena not win anything, being nominated in multiple categories?” “Asks a fan, then.

Another tries to procrastinate, arguing that votes are the public’s choice. Only. A comment that was therefore debated. On the Web.

For the moment, Selena Gomez has not reacted. At the PCA ceremony. Very active on Instagram to support Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, the pretty brunette takes a step back. And we understand it.

Recently, the singer appealed for help. To Google, then. The young woman accused the American giant of biasing its advertisements on websites.

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Unless she won her case, the Disney starlet was able to count on the support of the UN. Who therefore decided to withdraw all its advertising related to the elections. On its websites, therefore.


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