Selena Gomez: Fans are forcing Karen Bachini to delete!


In a live on Twitch, gamer and youtuber Karen Bachini got mad at singer Selena Gomez. She already regrets!

After trying Selena Gomez’s make-up Rare Beauty, Karen Bachini attacked her on Twitch. Fans of the artist urged her to apologize.

Sometimes you judge a person without even taking the time to get to know them. But after getting to know each other, we regret having misjudged him.

We have to believe that this is what Karen Bachini is going through. Indeed, the gamer and YouTuber would have organized a live on the Twitch platform.

During this direct, the young woman would have attacked Selena Gomez. And for good reason, she did not like her make-up brand, Rare Beauty at all.

In fact, Karen Bachini would have been so disappointed of her that she would have described her as “very loathsome”. But not only !

During the show, the young woman reportedly went even further: “I hope Selena Gomez will have a lot of hatred because of this line of makeup. ”

However, fans of Justin Bieber’s ex-girlfriend didn’t like her reflection at all. They all ask for an apology!


So after being harassed by Selena Gomez fans, Karen Bachini finally gave in: she should never have come after her.

So, it was on her Twitter account that the young woman apologized to him: “I spoke and I made a mistake,” she began.

“I don’t support this kind of behavior, I even fight every day to make it stop and I don’t know why this shit came out of my mouth. ”

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However, will Selena Gomez forgive him anytime soon? While some fans of the artist are happy with her apologies, others do not.

We have to believe that Karen Bachini is going to have to take out the oars so that we can forget what she said so soon …


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