Selena Gomez exceeds 500 million views with “Ice Cream”!


Selena Gomez is thrilled! His title “Ice Cream” in duet with the group Black Pink has just broken a new record! We tell you everything!

Selena Gomez has definitely not finished surprising us! Indeed, the singer has just beaten a new record with her single “Ice Cream” in duet with Black Pink.

The year 2021 is off to a good start for Selena Gomez! Indeed, the star multiplies the projects and does not stop talking about her!

The pretty brunette has decided to take on many challenges for this new year. TV show, make-up brand and music… the star is on all fronts!

Justin Bieber’s ex goes out of his way to surprise his fans. And it works ! The star is a hit in all areas!

Selena Gomez is currently in full promo for her new album Revelación. The young woman has also released 2 singles that loop on the radio! We love !

But beware ! That doesn’t stop the star from breaking new records with her old songs! His hit “Ice Cream” has just taken a major new step on YouTube!

In fact, Selena Gomez has just reached 500 million views for her music video in collaboration with the group Black Pink. Unbelievable !


This summer, Selena Gomez surprised by announcing her collaboration with KPOP group Black Pink. Indeed, no one expected this explosive duo!

The singers then released the track “Ice Cream” on August 28th. And the title immediately went viral around the world!

The single hit the top seller for many weeks. It has also become essential on the famous social network TikTok. We love !

Today, Selena Gomez and Black Pink’s “Ice Cream” continues to be talked about! Indeed, the clip has just beaten a new record almost 7 months after its release!

The famous K POP group broke the good news on Instagram! Their video has just reached 500 million views on the platform. Something to make artists proud!

Fans immediately praised Selena Gomez and Black Pink in the comments. They are very happy to see that the hit of their idols continues to break all records!

It just goes to show that Selena did well to join forces with the famous Korean group! And the title “Ice Cream” has not finished making the planet dance!

The pretty brunette has fond memories of her duet with KPOP artists. She confessed in the media: “They were wonderful and I miss them very much”.

So, will the artists come together to celebrate their success and prepare an explosive new collaboration? To be continued!

Either way, fans can’t get enough of their fiery duo! And you, what do you think of the song?


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