Selena Gomez drew attention to the 2021 ceremony!


Good news ! Selena Gomez is featured in the Premio Lo Nuestro 2021 ceremony, and she announced it on Instagram.

Good news for Selena Gomez fans. The American singer is therefore named during the Premio Lo Nuestro 2021 ceremony. We tell you more.

The official Instagram account of the prestigious ceremony announced it on its social networks. “In two days, we will be able to see Selena Gomez’s special performance in #PremioLoNuestro. Don’t miss this. Live. », Can we read on social networks.

The video was posted only a few hours ago. It was seen by more than 89,000 people in record time. Selena Gomez fans are delighted to see the pretty brunette perform live.

It must be said that since the Covid-19 crisis, Selena Gomez has not reappeared on stage. Last June, she announced to Miley Cyrus that confinement was very difficult to live with.

“I suffer from bipolarity. So there are days when I’m fine. And others where I’m not doing well. I’m lucky to have my best friend by my side. She lives with me. », She confided. Words that had moved Internet users.

Tomorrow, Selena Gomez will therefore give an exceptional concert for the first time in over a year. At the moment, no one knows the songs she will perform.


As Selena announced on Instagram, her next album will be 100% Spanish. Entitled Revelación, the latter only features Spanish songs.

“The project went very quickly and naturally,” she said. He added, “As for the process, so we recorded almost the entire EP on Zoom. Because of the Covid ”, explained the singer in an episode of Vevo Footnotes.

Selena Gomez therefore had the chance to collaborate with many Latino artists. Starting with Elena Rose, a very famous Spanish singer.

“She’s an incredible author. I think she really understands my heart. And what I wanted to say in this project. I am proud. I think you will like the album, ”she assured Vevo Footnotes. The least that can be said is that the first songs unveiled by Selena Gomez are popular. To a lot of people.

Her last song, Baila Conmigo in duet with Rauw Alejandro, released on January 29th, therefore smashed records. The clip with 44 million views is therefore a success. And that’s good.

Revelación, the next EP of Selena Gomez, is therefore scheduled for a release on March 12th. Her first single De Una Vez, released on January 14, is a real hit.

Selena Gomez fans are eager for the young woman to perform at the Premio Lo Nuestro ceremony. On social networks, fans of the pretty brunette have made themselves heard.

“Can’t wait for tomorrow night, then, to listen to Selena Gomez. It’s been a long time since she sang on stage. Can’t wait, “” Selena. Can’t wait for you to sing, “” brightly tomorrow. We will be there. “, They write on Instagram. Can’t wait for tomorrow!