Selena Gomez dressed in shorts and sweatshirt for Puma!


Selena Gomez melted the canvas by appearing in oversized mid-shorts for the clothing brand Puma. Selena Gomez has released the big game on social networks. The Puma brand face unveiled a photo from a new photoshoot with the brand.

A dream opportunity for fans to discover a new shot of their idol. The young woman appears sexier than ever in her mini-shorts.

Special mention to her black oversize sweater, which looks great on her. The American singer also wore white shoes from the sports brand.

It is also this pair of sneakers that Selena was trying to highlight by posting this photo in partnership with the brand. “The new Puma Cali Star Metallic are coming to you soon,” she captioned the shot.

Posted last night, the photo has already garnered more than 4.8 million Likes. The young woman, who has therefore long been Instagram’s most followed singer, has nothing to envy others.


Selena has been a face for the Puma brand since September 30, 2017. According to People magazine, she therefore signed a hefty $ 30 million contract to wear the brand’s clothing and accessories.

A few years ago, she created her own pair of sneakers, the Phenomen Lux, a pair of golden white sneakers. And the shoes sold like hot cakes.

Last year, Puma therefore invited him to review one of its legendary models: the Defy. The young woman had therefore taken up the challenge successfully.

Thus, in all Puma shops around the world, buyers were able to purchase a pair of DEFY X SGs customized by the singer in person. The pair of sneakers could be worn in the city as well as at the gym.

Never short of ideas, Selena Gomez could soon unveil another collab for her fans. These days, anything new to please its fans is good to do.


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