Selena Gomez dragged and insulted by Justin Bieber’s cousin? The story that makes the buzz!


It’s a strange story that runs around the Internet. Justin Bieber’s cousin, Clayton Soyka, would have tried his luck with Selena Gomez, now single. Rejected, the young would have taken it very badly. 

Separated for a year and a half from singer Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez seems to live wonderfully her celibacy. Perhaps still troubled by the shock of her breakup, the young woman has not yet found love. A solitude that seems to question. And who places it especially under the fire of all rumors. Of which a shemale in connection with the cousin of his ex.

It was at the wedding of Justin Bieber’s father that Clayton Soyka, cousin of the latter, and Selena Gomez would have met. A volatile encounter that would be the cause of this boy’s love at first sight. Under the spell, Clayton would have made advances to the singer. The latter would have shown indifference to this. A situation that would not have more.

The young man would have commented on a photo of his crush. “I’m still single, you can love me instead. A comment quickly erased. Regretting his gesture, he would have confided. ” I did no matter what. I commented on one of the photos of Selena Gomez and it’s crazy. I won 400 followers in 30 minutes. ”

Apparently gone on to something else, Clayton did a live Instagram sometime later. In this live, one of these friends makes fun of Selena Gomez’s alleged overweight. A remark after which Justin’s cousin laughs with laughter. Shocked, the singer’s fans violently turned against him.

A story that remains unresolved. But who should give birth again rebound. We wait for the continuation of this anecdote.


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