Sel fans showed their annoyance at noticing that his ex-wife, Hailey Baldwin and Madison Beer, a friend of both girls, were at the restaurant, Craig’s, in West Hollywood, the same place where Gomez was celebrating his release of the new album , “Rare.”

There were several messages in which they showed their anger against these two girls, so Selena could not stand it anymore and sent a message in which she left in view that she did not accept the way in which the public was raising fakes.

He admitted to feeling distasteful about reading the things they were saying about his friend and the wife of Justin Bieber, and made it very clear that the meeting was a coincidence. In the end, they were in a public place where anyone can be found.

She is sure that there is not, nor is there a conspiracy against her by Madison Beer, since Sel has known her since she was a baby and has seen how little by little she has become the woman she is today. Baldwin’s name was not mentioned, but it was evident that he also defended it.

“I am very disappointed to see how they can talk about someone like that. I have known Madison since she was a baby, I have seen her grow up to see the great woman she has become. There is no problem between us.”

Madison, on the other hand, also took the courage to defend against such attacks, saying that it was not a crime to go out to dinner with the girl who has been her friend for ten years, took the opportunity to throw a lot of love to Gomez and say that he would never do anything To hurt her.

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