Selena Gomez debuts her boyfriend, What does her new video mean?


The singer is back with a new song and story.

After the release of her album “Rare”, Selena Gomez wants to continue with her new musical stage and released “Boyfriend” , her new single.

The singer continues with the same theme of her album: self-love and self-improvement after having experienced a stormy and difficult romance. Now, she is in search of a love that is worthwhile, we tell you the details of her new video.

A few minutes ago, the singer published the video clip for “Boyfriend”, whose scenes made her fans fall in love with the looks the singer wore in each of the scenes. The plot revolves around a girl who goes out on several dates in order to find that ideal boy, although she also gets confused, because she does not want anything serious, but she needs to feel loved.

In each of the dates, Selena meets several handsome boys, but nobody manages to convince her and ends up turning them into toads, quite the opposite of fairy tales where the girl finds her toad and turns him into a blue prince. The message is clear, Sel does not need a man to be happy and she is fed up with failures.

The lyrics of “Boyfriend” also talk about wanting to be happy and find the ideal boy, but after suffering in the past, the girl does not want something lasting and enjoys her times alone.

Loving a boyfriend is not synonymous with needing it to be happy. Sel managed to overcome the pain of the romances of the past and wants to express through her music that she has overcome it.


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