Selena Gomez: Covered the song “Lose You To Love Me”!


Are you Louane and Selena Gomez fans? We have good news for you because Louane has just covered “Lose You To Love Me”!

New buzz on the web for the beautiful Selena Gomez! Louane and Florian Rossi cover her cult song “Lose You To Love Me”!

Definitely, this song by Selena Gomez does not stop making the rounds of networks! Indeed, since its release in October 2019, it has been a huge hit and still has millions of views …

And for good reason… How not to fall under the spell of the irresistible voice of Selena Gomez? Not to mention the very touching words, even heartbreaking, from the young woman …

In “Lose You To Love Me,” the singer tells a destructive love story she wants to forget. “I gave you everything and they all know it. You rejected me and now it shows. In two months, you replaced us. »She sings, breaking our hearts!

After its release, fans wondered a lot about the lyrics! How did the pretty brunette feel after her tumultuous affairs with Justin Bieber? No confirmation has been made by the star anyway, but that doesn’t detract from the song’s success!

The pretty blonde, Louane, also loved Selena’s words and fell in love with the melody! Yesterday, she therefore shared with us a more than successful cover of Lose You to Love me on her Instagram account!


Good news for fans of Selena Gomez but also of Louane! The French singer took up the famous sound “Lose You To Love Me” and set the web on fire!

And yes, how to miss her latest buzz video? And above all, how not to succumb to her angelic voice?

Yesterday, Louane shared on her Instagram account a brand new video of her accompanied by her darling Florian Rossi! Unveiling a very colorful and artistic filter in the background, she then jokes: “It’s a soft new filter, I think. But ok, the filter is absolutely wrong with this song so sad ”.

As Florian begins to play the first chords on the guitar of Lose You To Love Me by Selena Gomez, Louane is getting ready to sing! Shock! Its recovery is a pure wonder!

And for the final touch, Florian Rossi even accompanied her darling! But that’s not all ! He also sings solo, at the very end!

Unsurprisingly, fans love it! “Wonderful recovery! This is validated! 🙌🔥👏 ”or“ Too cool both in music ❤️ ”commented her fans under her post.


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