Is Selena Gomez In A Couple? She’s Getting Closer To Niall Horan


Selena Gomez wants to be very discreet about her private life. The singer may well be in a relationship recently with Niall Horan.Since her separation from Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez is very discreet about her private life. The singer could leave with Niall Horan!

Selena Gomez had a depression after her separation with Justin Bieber. Nevertheless, the singer is much better and she can count on the support of her relatives. Her ex has just married Hailey Baldwin but she seems to be living the situation very well. Indeed, Thursday, October 3, the starlet came out with her band of friends and she partied throughout the evening!

The American singer no longer cares about Justin Bieber and everything suggests that she has turned the page. Indeed, she has a smile and she makes a few appearances. Moreover, a few days ago, the latter enjoyed an evening with friends. Selena Gomez was seen in the streets of Los Angeles and she seemed in great shape. Nevertheless, the star was with Niall Horan. So, fans think that the two stars are in couples again!

Selena Gomez came out in the past with Niall Horan but their relationship did not last. However, it could be that the star wanted to give a second chance to the singer. The two stars have shown up with their friends and they seem to spend a lot of time together. Nevertheless, for the moment, Selena Gomez made no statement on this subject. So, it is better to remain vigilant. Indeed, they could be only very good friends!

In any case, Niall Horan is back with his single Nice to meet Ya and he already knows a big box. As a result, Selena Gomez congratulated her for the release of her new sound and she seems under the spell! On Instagram, the starlet left a comment on her friend’s new song. “It came out about 5 minutes ago … and I’m sure you need to download it.” Selena Gomez did a little promotion for Niall and this could be a sign that they are together!

Cleаrly, things аre on the rise for Selana. Fаns wishing to see more of the beаuty should follow her Instаgrаm.

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