Selena Gomez cooks a turkey for the first time in her life!


Selena Gomez becomes a real Chef! The singer has cooked a turkey and is already getting ready for Thanksgiving.

Selena Gomez took to the kitchen during the lockdown. The starlet has chosen to cook a turkey and is already ready for Thanksgiving.

Selena Gomez is back in the spotlight recently. The singer released a brand new album Rare and opened up about her depression as well as her past history with Justin Bieber. Thus, she had a huge success.

Subsequently, the singer released a brand of cosmetics: Rare Beauty. For months, the latter has been promoting her brand and highlighting her products on social networks. Her fans tear off her cosmetics and she sets the web on fire.

Thus, Selena Gomez wants to be very active lately and seems to have succeeded in fighting her demons. In addition, during confinement, she wanted to bring joy and good humor to her fans. So, she did a cooking show: Selena and Chef.

His show, broadcast on HBO Max seems to have found its audience. The 28-year-old star cooks with well-known chefs and learns how to make a number of recipes. She seems to love it and recently learned how to make a turkey!


Selena Gomez is perfecting her cooking skills and continues to entertain her fans with her show. The star is gaining more and more self-confidence and feels very comfortable behind the stove. In fact, not long ago, she chose to cook a turkey for Thanksgiving.

The starlet has made a new episode and is preparing to celebrate Thanksgiving with the family. So, she wanted to learn how to cook a turkey with her friend and cook Aarti Sequeira. “Never cooked a turkey before this special episode of Selena and Chef,” she wrote on Instagram.

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Selena Gomez shared a small clip from the episode to give her fans a taste. In the video, the singer has a blast and is very smiling. It seems that she enjoys cooking and learning a lot of new things.

In the Thanksgiving episode, the star cooks with her friends and beams with happiness. In any case, her fans are very happy to be able to see her again in a new episode. “Chef Selena is back,” wrote one fan. Another subscriber finds the star to be in great shape and is looking forward to her.


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