Selena Gomez confides once again on her mental health!


Singer Selena Gomez confides in her mental health and promises that she is better! We’ll give you more details.

Selena Gomez opens up about her mental health again.

Selena Gomez is showing more and more that she is a committed woman. It was noticed during the last American presidential elections.

The young woman did not hesitate to encourage her fans to vote. The singer also opened up about another cause close to her heart: mental health.

And for good reason: Selena Gomez has already been confronted with her health problems. Today she looks back on her journey in an interview with The Newsette.

Accompanied by her mother Mandy Teefey, the young woman hopes to help all people confronted with this type of disease. And above all to show them that they can overcome difficult times based on her personal history.


So, Selena Gomez opened up about the treatment she was receiving to manage her anxiety and depression. ” I feel better. I feel like I can understand a lot now. »She confides.

The young artist admits to having regained her freedom when she accepted her state of health. “I feel like being myself is very difficult. I had to work on it. »She assures.

The young woman therefore ended up accepting herself. And that helped him a lot in her work. “I tell myself that being myself is the greatest gift. »Specifies the young woman.

It must be said that Selena Gomez has found a taste for life. By taking care of her mental health, the young woman is bursting with creativity.

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A work on herself that opened many doors for her. At the launch of her brand Rare Beauty, the young woman admits that she would never have done it if she hadn’t taken the time to focus on her mental health.

Throughout her fight, the young woman was also able to count on the support of her mother. In fact, for the latter, mental illness was not a taboo subject.


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