Selena Gomez celebrates her 30th birthday in Italy with film producer Andrea Iervolino during a yacht trip


Is it Amore? Selena Gomez was spotted having dinner with Italian film producer Andrea Iervolino amid rumors of a potential new romance.

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The Lose You to Love Me singer, who turned 30 at the end of July, is currently celebrating her significant birthday with friends on vacation on the Amalfi coast in Italy. 2. During their glamorous party, 34-year-old Iervolino was spotted standing with Gomez as she blew out candles on a layered confection.

The next day, the producer of In Dubious Battle was seen helping the star Selena + Chef go down into the water when they were enjoying a day on the yacht. In photos obtained by the Daily Mail, Gomez was seen relaxing on a boat in a black one-shoulder jumpsuit. After taking a dip in the water, she and Iervolino chatted with friends while enjoying a meal on the water.

Although this outing sparked rumors that Gomez has a new beau, during an episode of the TATATU series “Return of the Generation” she noted that she is currently single.

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In the episode, which was released on Friday, August 5, the “Only Murders in the Building” star shared the red flags of her relationship with her friends Raquel Stevens and Amy Cook. “I can’t deal with a selfish person,” the former Wizards of Waverly Place star said. “I have zero patience. We are all the same people. We’re all shit, we’re all eating… we’re all bleeding. That’s life.”

Later, when the trio discussed the languages of love, Gomez revealed that her touches are physical touches—despite her friends’ jokes that she doesn’t always let them hug her. “I want a husband and I want that kind of touch,” Gomez laughed, adding, “I think my love language should be physical touch… and acts of service. The older I get, the more I appreciate it.”

She continued, “I went to hang out with someone who was a little older and it was so wonderful. It was like being taken care of. Like, “Are you comfortable? Do you need a blanket?” Just really cute stuff. And I thought: “I’m fine, I don’t need anything.” But it was so cute, and I don’t feel like a lot of people are like that.”

Despite the fact that she is currently single, the “Hands to Myself” singer said that she hopes to eventually settle down and leave the public’s attention to focus on her loved ones. “I hope to get married and become a mom,” Gomez admitted. “Eventually, I’ll get tired of it all, so I’ll probably just devote most of my life to charity before I settle down. …Just keep it a secret.”

The “Spring Break” star previously had a long-term romance with Justin Bieber, and she also dated The Weeknd and Nick Jonas. She joked about her relationship status during her Saturday Night live monologue in May.

“I’ve heard that SNL is a great place for romantic relationships, [since] Emma Stone met her husband [Dave McQueary, the former director of the segment], Scarlett Johansson [married Colin Jost from Weekend Update] and Pete [Davidson] and… Machine Gun here. Kelly,” she said. “Since I don’t want to try dating apps, I just want to show the universe that I show love. And I would like to say that I am looking for my soulmate, but at the moment I will take anyone.”

In July, the Texas native apparently confirmed in a TikTok video that she had recently broken up with someone. “So how did you end up with this guy?” — asks the grandmother of the singer “Bad Liar” in the clip, to which a shocked Gomez replied: “I’ll tell you now.” The founder of Rare Beauty added in the caption to the clip: “I have no words.”

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Jerusalem, for his part, shared his views on romance in April 2018, when he wrote on Instagram: “I’m just a hardworking person… I give. …I love making people happy… and making things happen… I believe in unconditional love.”


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