Selena Gomez & Ariana Grande Mentioned Drake’s “Popstar”


Rapper Drake talks about singer Selena Gomez in her track “Popstar”! We give you more details. Drake mentions singer Selena Gomez in her track “Popstar”!

Dj Khaled has just released his 12th album. Thus, on July 17th we discovered 2 of his singles Popstar and Greece.

In fact, both are featuring rapper Drake. Besides, in his titles, we used to hear Drake making references to certain stars.

Some references are very explicit since he simply names them. So this is also the case for his single Popstar.

Indeed, from Selena Gomez to Justin Bieber via Ariana Grande, Drake refers to many stars in his song. Without surprise!


This is not the first time that the two artists have collaborated. In fact, this was already the case in 2010.

Back then Drake and DJ Khaled released their hit “Fed Up”. This one was also featuring Usher, Young Jeezy or Rick Ross.

In view of their liabilities, the two artists had to collaborate again! To the delight of their fans.

In Greece, Drake refers to Sophie Brussaux. This one is none other than the mother of her son Adonis, who is also 2 years old!

The title Popstar does not lack reference to the pop stars of our time. Indeed, from the first verse, the singer quotes Ariana Grande but also Selena Gomez.

But young women are not the only ones. In the verse that follows the singer continues to cite other names of artists.

Thus, in the second verse, Justin Bieber is named. But before him, he talks about David Foster, Kevin Costner, and the iconic Whitney Houston.

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Finally, the new title of DJ Khaled and Drake is a real killer. The two artists came together for a double dose of hits. To listen without moderation!


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