Selena Gomez advocates self-love on her album “Rare”!


Selena Gomez is making a comeback with the release of her new album: Rare. The starlet talks about many subjects like self-love.

A few months ago, Selena Gomez released two new titles. The singer returns with a brand new album: Rare and she talks about her old relationship with Justin Bieber.

Selena Gomez went out with Justin Bieber for several years and they have had their ups and downs. The starlet became depressed when he married Hailey Baldwin. However, since then, she is doing much better and she has chosen to take control of her career. Selena has many projects in mind and she has just given the fans a nice surprise.

A few hours ago, Selena Gomez released her new album: Rare. He arrives four years after Revival and she has a lot to say. Indeed, the singer chose to make a very personal album and some new songs like Cut You Off could talk about her ex, Justin Bieber. Nevertheless, the star wanted to make a strong album that made an impression. “Every song recorded has some kind of emotion or conflict,” she said in People.

Thus, Selena Gomez has chosen to make songs where she highlights her personal experiences. In Rare, she talks about love and her old relationships. The star questions how she was treated. “You seem to be laughing at it. Why don’t you recognize that I am rare, ”she sings. However, in Cut You Off, the star openly talks about her four years of relationship with Bieber. “I wore this for 1460 days”

In this new album, Selena Gomez is more mature. Besides, she seems very happy with the result and she takes on all of her songs as well as all of her lyrics. “I feel like I have found my way a little more. Every year I grow up and this time I actually recognize it and enjoy it, “she says in People. For their part, fans are already delighted with this new album and the star may well be a big success.


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