Selena Gomez: According to her Instagram “destroys a generation”


In an interview with Dazed, Selena Gomez made several revelations about Instagram which “destroys a generation”!

For some time now, Selena Gomez has struggled with social networks. And one in particular. It’s Instagram. The young woman does not hesitate to tackle the platform and warn her fans .

There are several months, Selena Gomez took a radical decision. Indeed, she wanted to leave Instagram to the disappointment of her fans. The reason ? She explained that this social network had caused her a lot of harm . Right after deleting her account, she went to psychiatry to treat her depression.

If she is better at the moment, she has made revelations about Instagram. A Dazed reporter asked without filter, “If you could push a button and delete Instagram, would you do it?” ” . Selena Gomez then replied : “Oh my God! I think a lot of people will hate me because I say yes . ”

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Selena Gomez also revealed : “If I could find a balanced platform and cool that would be great. But I would be lying if I said that it doesn’t destroy a generation, its identity. This is largely the reason why I titled my album Rare, there is so much pressure to look like everyone . Going back there (editor’s note: on Instagram) scared me. The first four days, I thought, ‘No, there is no way I can get there.’ ” .

Finally, the singer also concluded : “What I do now is that I go there when I need to. Then I log out . I don’t take the time to explore or watch anything else . ” Revelations that will surely not please her fans. Indeed, they were happy to find it on the social network. She may well finally decide to leave her again. Case to follow!


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