Selena doesn’t regret her relationship with Justin Bieber!


Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber have been separated for years. Does the singer regret their love story? Selena Gomez absolutely does not regret her love affair with Justin Bieber. Thanks to the Canadian star, the singer has advanced a lot.

Between Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber, it’s ancient history. Thus, the former lovebirds have both turned the page. And to believe it, you only need to be interested in the marriage of the Canadian singer.

Indeed, the interpreter of Yummy spins the great love with the model Hailey Baldwin Bieber. Nothing and no one could separate them. Both live on a cloud, and keep showing their happiness on the web.

So, what about Selena Gomez? Since then, the pretty brunette has experienced several romantic relationships. But the young woman is still and always single. Did she manage to forget Justin Bieber? She says yes.

However, the one who collaborated with the girl group of Kpop, BlackPink, does not regret anything of their history. In any case, this is what she told our colleagues at The Newsette in an interview.

“Nothing that I do now would have been possible with the mindset I had before. The best things are happening to me right now. And that’s why everything else was worth it, ”she explained.


In fact, Selena Gomez has indulged in some secrets. His song “Lose You To Love Me” was well written for Justin Bieber. And we must believe that relieving his conscience did him the greatest good.

“All those years of confusion, being in love and all of that stuff… right now, it was finally a new beginning. It wasn’t even because people liked the track, it was just the realization of why I went through it all. ”

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Since Selena Gomez is at peace with herself. It’s simple: the singer has never been happier than she is now. So, as long as it lasts!


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