Select the Firefox add-ons that appear on the screen


To enter the Internet you need two things: a gateway to connect to the Internet and a device with navigation software. This was that simple in the beginning and still is, but it is a fact that browsers have improved the user experience with things like extensions. But when you have many in your browser, you may need only the essentials right in front of you and that is why we teach you how to place the important add-ons on the Firefox screen.

Only the essential accessories

One of the basic rules for your desktop to work is that it has free space and that you have all the elements placed correctly. This not only extends to the place where you work, but also to the digital space that is placed before you on the computer screen. And this is also transported to other applications in which the order is completely capital as is the case of browsers.

You do not believe it? Well, the truth is that you need a clean browser not only to clarify yourself, but also to organize yourself. This has been very clear in Mozilla with their new Firefox, so much so that they let you customize the browser. The point is that the function that lets you customize the browser components is also the one that lets you put only the extensions you need, something you should know.

For this you have two paths, one simple and the other more specific. Now you will understand when we show them to you:

Simple steps to order your add-ons in Firefox

Turn on the browser

Right click on the extension you want to disappear

Select the remove option from the toolbar

This way you will remove the extension from your view, but it will remain installed in the browser. Now we go to the second option, which has to do with the customization options that we talked about before.

Steps to edit the add-ons that appear in Firefox
Select the three lines in the upper right

Click Customize

Select the extensions you want to put

Place them on the screen to your liking

As you can, there are two simple options that leave the placement of the extensions in Firefox to your liking. Now you just have to choose the one that best suits what you want.


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