Sekiro: Blindfolded, Player Finishes The Game In Just 2 Hours


Sekiro: One player managed to complete Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice in just two hours and 35 seconds… while blindfolded. The feat took place during the Awesome Games Done Quick digital event to raise money for the Prevent Cancer Foundation.

This isn’t the first time streamer Mitchriz has played Sekiro live with his eyes closed: last year he managed to close the game even faster, in less than two hours.

Below, you can check out the full video of Mitchriz finishing Shadows Die Twice while blindfolded during the AGDQ:

To play Sekiro from start to finish blindfolded, the streamer used only his game memory, paying close attention to the sound effects. It’s almost surreal to see him hit every move, managing to use the grappling hook in the right place at the right time, fending off attacks, and landing accurate blows against enemies he couldn’t see.

During the event, three players broke world records: InsertLogic finished Kena: Bridge of Spirits in just 28 minutes and 35 seconds; while Jaxler closed Pumpkin Jack in 44 minutes and 18 seconds; Shadowthepast completed its Webbed gameplay in just 17 minutes and 21 seconds.

This edition of the AGDQ managed to raise US$ 3.4 million, the highest balance in the history of the event, in addition to having made history by reaching a total of US$ 1 million in donations in the shortest period of time.