Seinfeld: Kramer’s best works in the genre of physical comedy (according to Reddit)


In 2021, Netflix acquired the global streaming rights to the NBC sitcom Seinfeld, defining the zeitgeist, reportedly paying more than $500 million. The spiritual predecessor of most sitcoms of our time, Seinfeld’s contribution to the modern lexicon through various seinfeldisms and the art of physical comedy are a hot topic among his active fans on the Internet.

While the Seinfeld four—Jerry, George, Elaine and Kramer—skillfully expressed their thoughts, K-Man went even further to convey humor with his body. Since there are a lot of K-Man jokes and physical jokes on Seinfeld, Reddit users have visited the site to explain which ones deserve the most praise.

Bag of concrete

The main plot of “Revenge” tells about Jerry’s poor money management and Kramer’s evil genius. Jerry suspects the owner of the local laundry Vic of stealing $ 1,500, and Kramer offers to pour cement on one of his cars. Kramer obviously takes the lead, while Jerry tries his best to captivate Vic while a cacophony of sounds comes from the machine area.

The physical comedy montage, made mostly of Kramer’s falls and stumbles, is really hilarious. K-Man’s fight with a giant bag of white cement has become a favorite for Redditor yexomj. They write: “Watching him [Kramer] struggle with a bag of concrete in the dryer turns me on every time.” They are true, because the splendor of the scene goes beyond the script of the episode and proves that physical comedy is Richards’ main acting technique.

Foot movement clearing the table

At The Label Maker, Kramer and Newman spend six hours playing the Risk game. Since Newman is working, they decide to leave the board game with Jerry so that none of them interfere with it.

Approaching Jerry’s apartment, Kramer holds a board game, and Newman is behind. K-Man removes the newspapers from Jerry’s desk with his right foot and lowers the board in one smooth motion. This physical comedy excerpt is a favorite of Redditor benspanky, and they say: “When he [Kramer] cleans Jerry’s desk with his foot while holding a risk board in his hands, I get…” This is an easy favorite because Kramer preserves the integrity of his character with an edge. tickling is a physical maneuver. Years later, this scene is considered one of the best moments of Kramer’s physical comedy in Seinfeld.

Kramer Is Against it. Vittorio

A memorable part of the physical comedy is in “Calzone,” which is also one of Seinfeld’s best work episodes. Apparently, George enlists Kramer’s help to pick up Mr. Steinbrenner’s lunch from Paisano, and the latter goes to the restaurant in rainy weather. His clothes are dried and thus burned in the pizza oven, and he tries to pay Vittorio with change, but he immediately refuses. The chatter back and forth ends with Kramer stomping on the tabletop with his right foot.

Redditor engine-beer simply states: “Stomp the table in calzone” is their favorite dish. This fragment is memorable because it demonstrates the impeccable strength and calculation of Michael Richards, which, in turn, enhances the comedic effect of the joke.

Not on guard J. Peterman

Chaos ensues when, in “The Shower Head,” Jacopo Peterman suggests that Kramer is trying to take drugs away from Elaine. Without giving Kramer a chance to explain himself, Peterman grabs him and pushes him out. Kramer’s rotation from the impact provides comic relief in an already cheerful environment, and his confused look is unforgettable.

Although Peterman does most of the work in this scene, it’s Kramer’s tricks that overshadow everyone’s attention. Thus, viewers completely agree with the user jmiz5 when he says: “…Peterman slams the door in his [Kramer’s] face in [the original] office because Elaine tested positive for opium.”

Scratch on the back

For Redditor chica, who grew out of physical comedy, “the episode in which he [Kramer] itches and makes this girl [sic] scratch him…” is the best.

The story has a small backstory. When Kramer needs to scratch his back at the Pie, Monk Olive’s cashier offers to help. Her long sharp nails help ease his itching, and, funnily enough, scratching his back was the reason for their romance. K-Man feels relieved and conveys his pleasure by using the most ostentatious demonstration of twists and turns with fast twisting movements. Unsurprisingly, Olive is one of Kramer’s best love interests in Seinfeld, and the hilarious scratching scene is a favorite among Reddit users.

Kramer models for Calvin Klein

To Redditor DuckDrunkLove Kramer: “Walking around in your white tights in the Calvin Klein office and falling on that round wall is always fun.”

In this wacky Seinfeld scene that fans love to revisit over and over again, Kramer learns that CK has released a new fragrance based on his idea of beach-scented cologne. In anger, he breaks into Calvin Klein’s office and leaves with a contract to model underwear.