Seiko partners with Capcom to launch Street Fighter series


Street Fighter will feature a line of Seiko watches inspired by six characters. They will follow the visual style of the fifth numbered installment.

Seiko will collaborate with Capcom to launch a line of watches based on Street Fighter. There will be six models to choose from, each starring a fighter from the following: Ryu, Ken, Bianka, Chun-Li, and Zangief. Models will be limited to 9,999 units worldwide.

At first, they will arrive in Japan on September 26. It is unknown at this time if they will reach other markets. Its price will be 51,700 yen, which in exchange would translate into about € 411.

The designs follow the style of the fifth numbered installment. The watch model chosen is the Seiko Sport 5, one of the manufacturer’s oldest. The basic version can be purchased in our country at a price of € 270.

You can find the six models below:

Street Fighter V and its roadmap

Capcom recently revealed its plans for the remainder of 2020 and all of 2021 in relation to Street Fighter V: Champion Edition. We know of four of the fighters that are coming soon: Dan, Rose, Oro and Akira Kazama. There is a fifth face that has yet to be revealed, except that it will land in fall 2021.

Beyond the characters, the title will receive more than 30 unpublished costumes, 4 scenarios, new mechanics, adjustments and four events starring Rose and Akira. Both will arrive in the spring and summer of 2021, respectively. The competitive scene is not stopping either. Two Capcom Pro Tours are closed for Winter 2020 and Fall 2021.

There will be Street Fighter for a while, although it will do so without the head of the brand in the last 30 years. Yoshinori Ono announced his departure from the company at the beginning of August. He decided to make it public through Twitter, although he did not make clear what his future professional choice is. “My heart overflows with appreciation for those players who have been giving warmth and support to the series, especially during the last decade, when all the activities of the Street Fighter franchise have returned to shine and grow,” it said.


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