Sehun and Chanyeol Share Their Emojis’ Designs


EXO SC idols shared the fun hashtag emojis of their comeback, Chanyeol’s reaction went viral. Oh Sehun and Park Chanyeol revealed the creative process of the hashtag emojis that designed the album ‘1 Billion Views’ for their comeback.

The members of EXO SC are about to present their second album as a duo, the SM Entertainment artists released their songs as soloists during the week, which are part of the tracklist of their new project.

As part of Sehun and Chanyeol’s interactions for the premiere of the full album ‘1 Billion Views’, the guys revealed the drawings for the hashtags emojis their fans use on Twitter.

Through the account @weareoneEXO on Twitter, the two idols shared a fun video of more than 3 minutes long, where they designed the animated emoji of each of the members of the subunit.

The challenge of the interpreters of ‘Telephone’ was to draw their partner, on one paper they had to capture the most striking physical characteristics of the other, demonstrating their artistic skills with markers and colored pencils.

Park Chanyeol was the first to draw Sehun, first he circled yellow and made long, large eyes with an expression of surprise. The rapper from ‘Tempo’ stopped Sehun from seeing his portrait. LOL.

Later, Oh Sehun did not know what colors to use to draw Chanyeol, but in the end he chose a combination of shades to capture his partner. Chanyeol was impressed by Sehun’s work.

A staff person told them that the drawing would appear next to the hashtag of his name, Chanyeol said, ‘This?’ And Sehun replied, ‘That sounds like fun! give him a chance, ’to finish Chanyeol said:‘ if I get to look for #CHANYEOL once a day, I don’t want to see this again, ’referring to his partner’s drawing.

The hashtag #CHANYEOL became a trend thanks to the reaction he had to see his emoji, subunit fans are very excited by the comeback of the two EXO SC idols.

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