Segway presents 1st hydrogen powered hybrid bike


This Wednesday (7), Segway-Ninebot presented its motorcycle, Segway APEX H2, the first hybrid system with an electric motor and powered by hydrogen. The company says the new technology aims to help China, the country in which the group is located, to achieve the goal of “coal autonomy” and also to explore new clean energies.

The model is an upgrade of the Segway Apex, first revealed in late 2019. The new design is futuristic and gives the impression that the wheels are floating. The bike can reach 60 kW and can accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in just four seconds. The maximum speed of the model is 150 km / h, allowing the consumer to use the vehicle on highways.

According to the company, the hydrogen canisters can be exchanged or reused, a factor that would decrease the necessary recharge time compared to a conventional electric motorcycle. On the other hand, the vehicle would also require an infrastructure for changing cylinders during a trip, for example.

The motorcycle should be sold for approximately US $ 10,700 (about R $ 59 thousand, in the current conversion) and is now available for reservation on the company’s website. In addition, Segway has announced that it should also produce a hybrid bicycle by 2023.


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