Segway-Ninebot announces steering electric scooter


According to Electrek, Segway-Ninebot, a manufacturer of personal transporters, is starting this Friday (22) the pre-sale for North America of Ninebot S Max, its version of the self-balancing electric scooter. The novelty, compared to traditional electric scooters, is that S Max uses the board style with parallel wheels.

While continuing to bring a central pillar below the driver’s knees (to control the steering), as in the previous Ninebot model, the company has now added an extensible pillar that has, at the end, a racing car steering wheel control. , which tilts left and right, like an airplane stick.

This “steering wheel” has a built-in display that allows pilots to monitor the speed of the device in real time. The company’s bet is that the new design improves comfort and stability, allowing its users to control the vehicle using their hands.

Ninebot S Max specifications

Although functionally similar, the Ninebot S Max is light years ahead of the classic Segway self-balancing transporter (currently offline). The new scooter automatically maintains the rider’s balance as soon as it detects that the person is standing.

The Ninebot S Max has a net weight of 22.8 kg, is equipped with the company’s Leansteer control technology, and has a “steering wheel” sensitivity of up to 0.01 second, which means that the scooter can be controlled from precise and smooth.

Although lighter than its predecessors, the S Max is more powerful. Its two 2,400W motors allow a maximum speed of 20 km / h, and the 432 Wh battery provides a range of 38 km. Finally, the best news is that Ninebot S Max is cheaper, reaching the US market for $ 849, about R $ 4,600.


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