Sega’s Website for its 60th Anniversary Revealed with a Surprise


It turned out that Sega is preparing a website for her upcoming 60th birthday. The website, which emerged through a sharing on Twitter, clearly shows that Sega will announce something after 5 days.

Sega, one of the most important names in the game industry, will celebrate its 60th birthday on June 3. Founded in 1960, the company deeply influenced the gaming industry and has managed to impress millions of gamers with its work to date. Now it turns out that Sega is preparing a website for her 60th birthday.

Yesterday, an interesting post was made from Sega’s original Twitter account. The post included a statement about judo, one of Japan’s long-established sports, and a photo with a judo suit. This photo was not understood in the first place, but a QR code in the shared photo revealed that Sega was working on something.

Sega’s post on Twitter
Sega fans, who managed to scan the QR code in the photo above, realized that this code took them to a website. There was a very interesting message on the website, which you can access using the link found here. On the site in question, a man doing judo is seen and on the left side of this man is writing “5 before birth”.

The website in question was a different extension of the website that Sega created for its 60th anniversary. Sega fans who have reached the home page by removing this extension have encountered an incomplete website for now. “Hello Sega Fans, you must love Sega a lot. Please wait a bit longer until the site opens.” The phrase was included.

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Sega organizes an event called “Sega Fes” every year from the end of March to mid-April, making both unique experiences and important explanations about the new games and works. This year, there were no announcements from Sega because the COVID-19 outbreak made it impossible to do such an event. This website can also host Sega Fes, which Sega can organize online this year.


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