SEGA To Announce A New Sonic At The Game Awards 2021


Sonic, one of the most iconic mascots in the gaming world, turned 30 in 2021, which made his fans quite frustrated that we didn’t have a new game to complete this important anniversary. But the year isn’t over yet, and a new game from the popular blue hedgehog could end up appearing at The Game Awards 2021.

There are a number of signs around the internet that leave clues to this possibility. Starting with the most important, Sonic’s official Twitter account recently followed TGA organizer Geoff Keighley and tweeted publicly asking if he would have “extra invites” left for the event.

This can almost be interpreted as a declaration that Sonic will be at the event, but the clues don’t stop there. Internet explorers have found a new official domain registered by Sega, with the address

As of this writing, the domain returns a 403 Access Denied page. This means that the page exists and is not public, which even brought speculation to a possible name for the new game: Sonic Frontiers.

Finally, we can also mention that Sonic has a curation page on Steam, where users indicate their favorite games. The total number of games on this page for Sonic went from 34 to 35, although a new public game doesn’t appear in the listings.

We’ll know the answers to these rumors very soon, because TGA 2021 takes place this Thursday, December 9th.