SEGA supports more ports of their games on Steam


Persona 4 Golden has sold well above the expectations of the Japanese publisher. Steam, the most powered platform during COVID-19.

SEGA plans to reinforce its plan to launch games from the past through Steam after the positive sales of Persona 4: Golden since last July, well above expectations. The Japanese company, which has experienced a quarter of great growth in billing through digital sales during the months of confinement by COVID-19, now wants to repeat itself on the Valve platform and other consoles with new ports.

According to GamesIndustry, SEGA will begin to “aggressively” port other video games from its catalog on Steam. The successful case of Persona 4: Golden (PS Vita, 2012) serves as a photograph of the interest aroused in the PC user by that library of works that once could only be played on consoles; in some cases, on very specific platforms.

“From now on, we will try to aggressively promote the porting of previous releases on Steam and other new platforms,” ​​they say. Although the name of these other platforms has not transcended, the first names that come to mind are consoles such as Nintendo Switch, a hybrid system with the particularity of being able to offer content on a portable basis.

The Persona case, a wish on Nintendo and Xbox

The community wants the Persona series to make the leap into both the Nintendo and Microsoft ecosystems with Xbox; but Sony has already publicly stated that it will work to maintain that exclusive contract on consoles in PlayStation territory because they consider it “very important” for their label.

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The catalog of licenses published by SEGA is very extensive, however. From Sports Interactive through Relic Entertainment, Amplitude Studios or Creative Assembly, the options for the Japanese company are many in its new launch plan on Steam. Hopefully we will soon start to see more ports at Valve’s house and, surely, other consoles as well.


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