SEGA registers Lost Judgment brand in Japan


SEGA registered the Lost Judgment brand in Japan, which made many players theorize that it could be a sequel to Judgment, Yakuza’s acclaimed spin-off.

Although the registration is real, as reported by the Gematsu website, this is not enough to confirm anything for the time being, and it is better to treat the connections between these games only as a rumor.

Especially since Judgment is just the western name of the game that, in Japan, is called Judge Eyes, so it wouldn’t make much sense for the Japanese to register the title for which the game is known only here.

In the meantime, Judgment will win a version for the new generation next April 23, when it will arrive on PlayStation 5, Xbox Seriex X | S and Google Stadia. Do you like Yakuza and Judgment games? Would you like to see a sequence? Comment below!


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