Sega pushes complaints in its original development


The prototype of this video game will be launched as part of the company’s 60th anniversary, not without controversy in between.

The development of Golden Axed was not spared from labor exploitation, or at least that is what one of the former employees of Sega Studios Australia underlines, nothing in accordance with the publication of this canceled video game on Steam. As we published in MeriStation, Tim Dawnson has said that “this project” was “his personal link with nightmares” and with “inept management.” Complaint that it was made under “irrational conditions” and with crunch. “It’s a strange feeling that see the light eight years later, without any context, credit and with a joke sequence. ”Sega, for its part, just released an official statement.

According to Dawnson, the publication of the video game, which will be available only for 24 hours on Steam, on October 18, has come as a surprise to many members of the team. Even so, the Japanese company ensures that some members of the project have worked on the development of the prototype.

Official statement

“Sega Europe contacted former members of the Golden Ax: Reborn team for the production of this prototype game for Steam, as part of the 60th anniversary celebration,” a Sega representative told Eurogamer. “We wanted to bring to light the work of the developers of that time and celebrate it as part of our history, something we didn’t get to do the first time.”

The statement specifically refers to the former developer’s tweet thread. “It has not truly been our intention to relive the painful memories of Mr. Dawson and his former colleagues; also not be disrespectful. We have removed the line from the Steam copy, which could have been taken as an insult to the development team. We would like to assure everyone that this comment was referring to the build we have adapted for PC, not the quality of the original game. We hope that many fans can play the prototype and appreciate the work that he and his colleagues did in developing this prototype, “he concludes.

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