SEGA Published the Remote Toy Grabbing Machine Playable Application


Japan-based game developer and publisher SEGA released SEGA Catcher Online for Android and iOS, where users can play a toy grabber remotely. Players can win prizes by connecting to the toy grabbing machine remotely.

SEGA has released SEGA Catcher Online, a mobile application where users can win prizes by playing a toy grabber at any time, for iOS and Android devices. Players can earn toys by connecting to a machine in Japan with their smartphones.

SEGA Catcher Online was released for Android and iOS mobile devices in different countries after Japan. Players are video-guided to a UFO Catcher machine in Japan and they try to win one of dozens of prizes by playing on the machine. In the game, you try to win a prize by directing a paw that tries to catch the toy as usual, forward, backward, right and left. The prizes won in the game are sent with free shipping.

SEGA Catcher Online was first released with the PC and Mac version in Japan 3 years ago. The game includes many products with anime characters, from towels to pillows, plush toys to key rings. Apparently, the toys won are sent from Japan. According to SEGA, orders begin to be packaged and shipped from the business day after the reward is won, and sending the rewards can take about a week, depending on the intensity.

Playing the game costs between 100 and 200 SEGA Points at once, and 130 SEGA points can be purchased for $ 1.99 at a discount. Players are also given free points when they log in regularly, connect their phones and perform some other tasks.

Video showing how SEGA Catcher Online is played