SEGA offers promotional games to its fans


Today, October 14, is a very special date for SEGA fans. After all, the veteran producer is celebrating 60 years of age and the birthday party is already rolling over on Steam! When visiting the online store, you can download new and free minigames like Armor of Heroes, Endless Zone, Streets of Kamurocho and Golden Axed. Check out the commemorative trailer for the event below:

Just stay tuned, as the games will be available for a limited time! Armor of Heroes goes live October 15-19, Endless Zone can be downloaded October 16-19, Streets of Kamurocho available October 17-19, while Golden Axed appears on Steam October 18-19 only. .

Once downloaded, the game will be yours forever! On the other hand, if you miss the download chance window, you will not be able to download them again, so make a note of the times: the games will always be released at 2 pm Brasília, and also removed at 2 pm on the scheduled day.

Finally, there’s one last free game to download! If you visit and register your account and e-mail there, you will still have the SEGA classic Saturn Nights Into Dreams fully on the track! What did you think of this wave of free games? Are you going to download any? Comment below!

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