Sega Leaves Arcades In Japan After 50 Years In The Market


Sega has always been an iconic presence in arcades – also known as arcades here in Brazil. But, after 50 years of history, the company is leaving this market, even in Japan where arcades still resist more than in other countries.

The official announcement was reiterated by the above tweet from the president of Genda Entertainment. Genda, which operates its arcades under the GiGO brand, is the new owner of Sega’s machines and arcades in Japan. In his tweet, the executive thanks Sega for its 56 years of history in the market, and warns that store signs will no longer be Sonic’s iconic brand. It’s going to be all GiGO.

Longing and nostalgic people may be saddened by the news, but the end of arcades has been visible for years around the world, a natural response to the popularization of consoles and PC gamers. Japan, in fact, proved to be one of the countries most resistant to the closing of arcades, but the trend has arrived there too.

Sega’s arcades are so traditional and iconic for the brand that they’ve always appeared in their Yakuza series titles and Judgment spin-offs. In these games, it is possible to enter arcades and play the complete arcade versions of classic titles from the producer, such as Virtua Fighter for example. Now the question remains: will the next Yakuza or Judgment still have these establishments? And will they be called Sega or GiGO?