Sega gives away NiGHTS Into Dreams for PC


The Japanese company celebrates its 60th anniversary by giving away classic games through Steam; follow the steps to claim your free code.

Sega celebrates its 60th anniversary this year through different actions, events and promotions, whether with the launch of new devices for collectors, new video games or the possibility of expanding our collection of classic games for free on Steam thanks to the new promotion with which to make us, in the following days, with titles such as Golden Axed, Streets of Kamurocho or Armor of Heroes, among others; But it is also that we can download the classic NiGHTS Into Dreams adventure for free for a limited time, too, for a limited time, of course, following the steps detailed below.

Download NiGHTS Into Dreams for free on Steam

Thus, to add the celebrated Sega classic to our Steam digital library, it will not be enough to visit its official file on the Valve platform and get hold of it, but it will be necessary to follow some very specific steps that we detail below:

  • Access the official Sega 60th anniversary page.
  • Click on the Sign Up button and register your email.
  • Select the Steam option to link your account with the Sega page.
  • Log into Steam.
  • Accept the permissions of Sega in relation to Steam (it is only at the level of Sega game achievement tracking).

Once the process is complete, NiGHTS Into Dreams will become part of your Steam digital library automatically.

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