Sega celebrates its 60th year sales with nostalgia


Celebrating its 60th anniversary in the arcade game industry that they started in Japan, Sega made a discount for its games on the Steam platform in honor of this. At the same time, the company made cute changes to the cover images of the games to capture a nostalgic atmosphere.

Sega went on the road of nostalgia at its 60th anniversary event

Sega, the game company that overthrew 60 years in its adventure that started with arcade game consoles in Japan, preferred to celebrate its anniversary with an interesting concept on the Steam platform. The company has added the logos of the consoles it has previously released to the cover images of Sega games in your library. With the event where consoles such as Genesis, Mega Drive, Game Gear, Dreamcast found their place, Sega made a reference to its rich game history.

Sega 60. yıl

Within the scope of the event, many productions of the company will be offered to game lovers with discounts. Among these games, Company of Heroes is seen as the prominent productions with a 95% discount, Two Point Hospital 75%, Persona 4 Golden 20% and Total War: Warhammer 66% discount. In addition, Sonic The Hedgehog 2, one of the iconic games of the Sonic series, will be offered free of charge for a short time as part of the event.


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