Sega Advertises Perfumes Inspired By Yakuza, Shenmue And… Sonic?


Sega recently announced its new fragrance line. With many developers trying their luck on products inspired by their games, just like Capcom did with Resident Evil, Sega wants to help you smell like some of their top games: Yakuza, Shenmue and Sonic.

The Yakuza-inspired fragrance seems to follow a logic that makes sense. According to the description, these are whiskey and smoke odors.

Going to Shenmue, the description speaks of tobacco and gold. The smell of gold seems strange, but in the details the website explains that they are notes of golden tobacco, cardamom, bergamot and other things.

Of course, the big mystery is in Sonic, with a scent described only as Blue Blur (blue blur). In the details, the fragrance promises citrus notes, with a touch of leather and suede. It is worth checking part of the description, in free translation:

“Add a beautiful, refreshing scent to your daily life with this invigorating unisex Blue Blur cologne from Sonic the Hedgehog.” The site also adds that your colognes are a great gift for a loved one or yourself.

The perfumes are on pre-sale for €29.72 each, which is roughly R$186 at the current price. We don’t have a specified release date yet. Sega also says that all fragrances are designed for use by men or women.

The perfumes are sold at Sega’s official store in Europe and are shipped internationally, for those who want to face import tariffs.