Seeing “issues” with optimization on Xbox Series X


The technical producer of the Finnish developer works on an intellectual property has not yet announced. Microsoft will not release a single next-gen console.

This is something that they had already dropped since the announcement of Xbox Series X, which is but one of the models they plan to market. The second was officially unveiled a few days ago, after official materials were leaked. Although Microsoft planned to announce it later, they were forced to make it official. At that time, Sasan Sepehr, senior technical producer at Remedy Entertainment (Alan Wake, Control), reacted as follows in a tweet: “As a consumer I love it, as a technical producer I smell problems.”

In a concise way, he clarified that he was referring to the optimization of video games. When launching on platforms with different technical characteristics, even within the same family, it is obvious that the studios will have to adapt their titles so that they work well on both Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. Something that, on the other hand, is not a A situation completely different from that of current consoles, where teams have had to work with different versions of the same console (in the case of Xbox One X, the technical difference with respect to the 2013 machine is more than noticeable).

What is known about the new Remedy project?

Sasan Sepehr confirms in his Twitter bio that he is working on an unannounced Remedy Entertainment project. The studio led by Sam Lake has just released the second Control DLC, its most recent production. In this new content, Jesse Faden investigates a new area of ​​the Immemorial House, where the character Alan Wake appears in the form of a hologram. Players will have to unravel what happened to the writer after the events narrated in the original game.

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We do not know the title of the new Remedy game, but we do know that it will share a universe with Control and Alan Wake. “Each game is an independent experience, but also a gateway to a larger universe that provides exciting opportunities for crossover events,” said Lake himself.


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