See you soon, Craig! Halo: Infinite gave the brutes a redesign


Now there is a lot of emotion, but it was not always like that
Halo: Infinite is one of the most anticipated games of this 2021. The new adventure of the Master Chief has many fans in expectation, especially after the recent advances that we have seen in its new mechanics and its multiplayer. But this emotion was not always present.


You surely remember that during the first presentation of its gameplay in 2020, the title was heavily criticized. The graphics did not look very good and even their characters had a look that left a lot to be desired. It was here that Craig the brute emerged, one of the most popular gamer memes of last year and who we may not see when we finally play the new Halo.

New improvements for the villains of Halo: Infinite

After that presentation, 343 Industries decided to delay the game to polish it more and it seems that they did their job. The new Halo previews at recent E3 showed quite a noticeable graphical improvement and it seems we haven’t seen all that they changed.

An image leak on Reddit shows us that the fearsome brutes will have a new design in Halo: Infinite. Whereas in the first gameplay sample they looked like big bald gorillas, now it seems that they will have some characteristics that will make them stand out and look more threatening.

The leaked images show models that are apparently in low quality, so we will have to wait to see them in Full HD 4K on our X Series. After seeing all the visual changes to the weapons and the Master Chief himself, we are sure that the Real brutes will be seen as fearsome adversaries in Halo: Infinite.

There is little left for us to see and enjoy these improvements on our own. Halo: Infinite will arrive on December 8 to Xbox One, Series X / S and PC, if COVID does not continue to do its thing. Will you be one of those who buy the new Master Chief adventure from day one?


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