See Which Are The Most Used Malware In The World


Malware: Trickbot was the most prevalent malware in the world in October, being used in 4.26% of global cyber attacks targeted at organizations throughout the month. This is what the Global Threat Index, released on Wednesday (17) by Check Point Research, reveals.

According to the cybersecurity company, it is the fifth time in 2021 that the banking Trojan has taken the lead in the Top Malware global ranking. Constantly updated, the malicious program has become more flexible, being able to steal financial credentials, account data and personal identification, in addition to spreading ransomware.

In Brazil, the situation is a little different, as the most used malware in the month was XMRig, prevailing in 5.17% of malicious campaigns, according to Check Point. World leader, the Trickbot was in second place in the national territory, followed by Tofsee.

The survey also highlights the return of the botnet Emotet, responsible for the explosion of ransomware attacks in the last three years, and the entry of “Apache HTTP Server Directory Traversal” in the list of the 10 most exploited vulnerabilities of the month. In this last ranking, the lead is the fault “Web Servers Malicious URL Directory Traversal”.

Top mobile malware

Regarding attacks that target mobile devices, the research indicates xHelper as the most used by cybercriminals. Observed since early 2019, the malicious Android app is used to download other harmful tools to the device and display advertisements, having the ability to reinstall itself if removed.

Another mobile malware that appears on the list is AlienBot, aimed at stealing financial data, and can even control the infected device. Also mentioned was XLoader, also used to capture banking information.

The team behind the Global Threat Index also revealed the most attacked sectors globally in October, with education and research leading the way, followed by communications, government and the military.