See tips from Wasteland Survival, cowboy game for Android and iPhone


Wasteland Survival is a mobile survival game that challenges users to withstand the harsh conditions of the Wild West, such as wild animals, water scarcity and bandits everywhere. The title is available for download on Android and iOS phones (iPhone), in addition to Steam, for PC (Windows).

The game mixes traditional elements of survival with item creation (crafting) and exploration so that players can gradually dominate their surroundings and create better equipment. In the tutorial that follows, learn how to play Wasteland Survival and also see some tips for doing well in the cowboy game, including finding out if it is possible to get infinite money.

The game uses a virtual joystick on the screen, with a directional pad on the left and an attack button on the right. To attack, the player only needs to hold the button – that is, it is not necessary to press it several times. You also don’t have to move, as your character automatically chases the nearest enemy while holding the button. When unlocking new weapons, they are next to the attack button. To change weaponry, simply touch the weapons to equip them and then hold the attack button as normal.

Your character needs two essential items to survive: Food and Water. You can see how your needs bar looks on the inventory screen. Food can be obtained from fruits found in nature and meat when killing animals, which is best cooked over a fire. Water can primarily be found in the well that is close to your home. Interact with the well by tapping the gear sign when you are near it and click on “production” to fill canteens.

How to evolve your character
Almost all the actions taken by the player during his journey guarantee a gain of experience points, especially defeating strong enemies. These dots fill a circle in the upper left corner of the screen, which marks the user’s progress. Reaching an extra level makes it possible to distribute points among attributes such as Damage, Attack Speed ​​(Veloc Atq), Defense and Spirit. Damage increases the strength of your blows, Defense makes you take less damage from enemy blows and Spirit allows you to control some animals.

There are several levels of construction in Wasteland Survival and everyone needs resources, which can be found around the map like wood branches and fibers in plants. More complex constructions need more difficult to find materials. By tapping the anvil icon near the inventory, the player can create some simple items.

To create more complex items, you need to tap on a house symbol and look for the “Workshops” tab. There are several essential constructions, such as Marble, Leather Dryer, Loom, Foundry, Forge and so on, in this menu, which transform raw resources into more elaborate items.

While much of the resources are available to pick up immediately, some of them need to be extracted with tools. Among some of the first that the player finds, is the wood of trees, stones and copper. It is possible to find branches and small stones dropped on the ground, which can be used to create tools such as axes and picks. These tools, in turn, make it possible to cut down trees and break rocks. Just be aware of the durability of the items and the character’s hunger expenditure. The Bow and Arrow is also a good tool for hunting.

On the side of the house where the player starts the game, there is a small area to plant, which can generate a regular food source. During the adventure, it is possible to obtain seeds, which generate food when planted in that space. Just click on the farm, choose what you want to plant and start production. The items take real time to grow, but offer an alternative to the player not having to hunt for food.

Travel and missions
After performing the basic tasks in the initial area of ​​the game, the player can see a gray border around the place where he is. Walking in that direction brings up the game map, with your house in the center. The user can choose other places to get around, whose difficulty index is indicated by color. Green indicates places with reasonable enemies, red already has more dangerous opponents and there are intermediate tones between the ends.

When traveling, the player needs to wait a few minutes until his character reaches his destination. It is possible to close the game and wait for a notification that notifies you when the new location is reached and even build a stable to go faster on horseback. There is also the alternative of accelerating your trip with energy points, which are recovered one by one every five minutes in real time. Visiting new locations allows you to obtain different resources and also to carry out missions for the sheriff, such as hunting bandits.

Time does not stop
Care must be taken when opening your inventory, as game time does not stop at the menus. If an enemy starts attacking your character while a menu is open, you may see a red effect on the screen, and the cowboy may even die. Quickly close your inventory, defend yourself and look for a safer place to manage your items.

Proximity to enemies
Even before an enemy appears on the screen, the player can prepare himself, as the automatic targeting system indicates his proximity. Just be aware when an energy bar appears at the top of the screen, which also has the enemy’s name, like a boar or a bandit. The user can shoot from a distance at his opponent when that energy bar is visible. This tip is especially useful for shooting with a bow and arrow that requires a little preparation time.

Infinite money
Many players are looking for a way to earn infinite money in Wasteland Survival to facilitate their progress in the game. There are, however, no official tricks to guarantee such a bonus. Users should beware of the risks of relying on mods and hacks that promise infinite money, as they often require third-party apps to be installed that could compromise your security or cause damage to your device.


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