See The Most Searched Series And Movies On Google in 2021


Google revealed last Wednesday (9) its traditional list with the most searched terms of the year. The list shows the top trends by category, including Entertainment, News, Sport, Environment and more.

In the world of series, the most sought after programs were not surprising, as they were some of the most talked about series on social media: Round 6 and Bridgerton. The two most searched titles of 2021 are from Netflix, which was even the top content producer on the list. Disney+ appears in second place, with WandaVision and Loki among the most sought after.

Check out:

Most searched series and movies on Google

1. Round 6 – Netflix
2. Bridgerton – Netflix
3. WandaVision – Disney+
4. Cobra Kai – Netflix
5. Loki – Disney+
6. Sweet Tooth – Netflix
7. Lupin – Netflix
8. Ginny and Georgia – Netflix
9. True Beauty – Prime Video
10. BBB21

On the list in Brazil, other series appear in the ranking, such as Maid and Sex Education.

1. Round 6
2. Bridgerton
3. Invisible City
4. Sweet Tooth
5. Wandavision
6. Snake Kai
7. Lupine
8. Sex Education
9. Maid
10. Loki