See the incredible Sun image captured by the photographer


A different photo of the Sun, taken in the backyard of a Reddit user last week (27), is drawing attention on social networks for its wealth of details and for having been obtained through an exclusive method of image processing developed by the photographer himself.

With the motto “photographing the curiosities of the universe around him”, Jason Guenzel uses his TheVastReaches profile to publicize his work on Reddit, Instagram and Facebook, in addition to selling his products in the Fine Art America online art market.

Made in the back of his yard, the photo shows the “turbulent nature of the solar chromosphere”, or the second of the three main layers of the Sun’s atmosphere, explains Guenzel, who makes a point of highlighting the great challenge of this type of photography “due to the light overwhelming photosphere below ”.

How was the photo of the sun made?

The photographer explains that solar images are always processed by special software to reveal their contrast, but specifically in this published photo he says he took these methods as far as possible, and beyond. Showing the Active Region 2804, it is also possible to observe a sunspot close to the edge, which is “big enough to swallow the whole Earth!”, According to the post.

To achieve the texture of the photo, Guenzel used an alpha hydrogen filter that showed layers of plasma from the solar chromosphere. After “stacked”, the photo was progressively edited in order to accentuate the contrast of the structures.

Although calling himself a backyard photographer, the professional used some sophisticated equipment to produce the image: an Explore Scientific AR152 achromatic refractor, a Daystar Quark Chromosphere sunscreen, an ASI174MM-Cool CMOS sensor and a Celestron AVX tripod. If purchased in the USA, the price of this hardware would be in the range of US $ 4,000, almost R $ 23,000.


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