See The Average Salary For IT Jobs In 2021


IT: A study carried out by Yoctoo, an Information Technology (IT), innovation and digital recruitment consultancy, identified the average salary of professionals in the area in 2021. In addition, the survey also pointed out the main career trends for the coming year.

Driven by the covid-19 pandemic, the demand for industry professionals has increased. The study carried out by Yoctoo sought to understand the panorama of valuing these professionals and published an exclusive salary guide for the area.

According to Paulo Exel, director of Yoctoo in Latin America, the company used “data collected in hundreds of interviews conducted by our team with technology professionals throughout the year 2021”. So, with the help of artificial intelligence, it was possible not only to obtain an overview of the area, but to anticipate trends for 2022.

Positions and salaries analyzed

The guide analyzed positions from middle to top management — Yoctoo’s area of ​​expertise — and only the monthly gross amount of salaries, not counting other benefits. Positions in the areas of Information Security, Software Engineering and ERP, Infrastructure, Data Engineering, IT Executives, Innovation and Digital were analyzed.

The professional with the lowest salary is a specialist in network infrastructure, with a value from $ 1233. Senior manager positions in all areas are among the highest, ranging from $4 to $5.6 thousand. Executive positions start at R$ 28 thousand and can reach $ 11 thousand.

The study also shows that positions related to Software Engineering, DevOps/Cloud in Infrastructure, in addition to Engineering and Data Science were those that registered the greatest flight of talent abroad, boosted by the possibility of home-office.