See: Season 2 Trailer Shows Dave Bautista And Jason Momoa In Action


See: This Thursday, 29, Apple TV+ released the official trailer for the 2nd season of See. The scenes shown show a great conflict between Edo Voss and Baba Voss.

This is the first time fans of the series have seen Dave Bautista acting in the production. The actor was confirmed for the show’s new season in January 2020, but due to filming delays, it’s only now that we can finally see Baba Voss’ brother.

However, it is possible to conclude from the trailer that the relationship between the two will not be friendly at all, as Edo will appear in the plot in an attempt to make his brother suffer.

Check it out below:

In addition, a major turnaround in the series could happen with the emergence of children with vision. Apparently, there is great power linked to the new sensory sense.

In addition to Bautista, Eden Epstein, Tom Mison, Hoon Lee, Olivia Cheng, David Hewlett and Tamara Tunie will also be cast in the new season of See, which is scheduled to premiere on August 27 in streaming.

See: Learn about the hit Apple TV+ series

See is a science fiction series produced by Apple TV+. The plot explores an apocalyptic scenario after a terrible virus has wiped out much of the world’s population, leaving only 2 million humans on the planet.

The first episode of the production aired in November 2019 and featured 8 episodes. Since its debut, the series has received negative reviews regarding its script and narrative.

However, due to high public acceptance, the show was renewed for a second season, which had its recordings delayed after the start of the pandemic caused by the new coronavirus.

Recently, Apple TV+ also confirmed that it is already producing a third season of the series. The production is written by Steven Knight and directed by Francis Lawrence.

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