See: Roger’s son Maris has a message for Aaron Judge


Having hit 55 home runs this season, New York Yankees slugger Aaron Judge is close to surpassing the 61 home runs in one season of the late great Roger Maris. my son has a message for him.

Judge said this week that Barry Bonds still holds the record for home runs with 73 points, which he had in 2001. This record became a source of controversy as Bonds was accused of taking steroids during this period of his career.

However, in an interview with the New York Post, Roger Maris Jr. reproached Judge for not considering his father’s track record to be “real.”

“I think a lot of people still think Dad’s recordings are real. It surprised me,” Maris said. “He has a lot at stake if he believes in it. So he better start hitting more of them. Maybe he’s stalking Bonds, given the way he’s been killing him lately.”

Roger Maris Jr. also believes that circumstances have changed because people didn’t want his father to break the record previously set by Babe Ruth.

“Dad was chasing Ruth, and [Mickey] Mantle was with him. No one wanted him to get it: the writers, the commissioner, the fans. It seems that everyone is attracted to the Judge.”

The New York Yankees have 25 games left this season. With five, he will become the sixth player ever to hit 60 home runs in a season; six will see him tie Maris; seven will set him a post-asteroid era record.

But to break Barry Bonds’ record, Judge needed to score 18-19 points in the next 25 games. That would be a feat.


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