See price of MagSafe chargers and cases in Brazil


Apple updated its store in Brazil and, in addition to revealing the price of iPhone 12 phones, listed the devices in the MagSafe line and their values ​​for the country. The company’s official website now includes, in its accessories page, all the covers and chargers with the pattern that will be sold in our market.

Apple is selling nine MagSafe cases in Brazil, as well as two standard chargers. The item catalog also includes leather cases and a wallet compatible with the magnetic pattern.


The common MagSafe charger, which powers one device at a time with up to 15W, can be purchased for R $ 499. The Duo version, which can be folded and supports two devices, costs R $ 1,699.

In addition to purchasing the charger, the user also needs to purchase a USB source from Apple, as the MagSafe device does not come with a connector for the outlet. The 20W model had its price reduced in Brazil recently and now costs R $ 199.

MagSafe chargers work with the Qi standard and can also be used with other smartphones or accessories with the technology. However, recharging occurs more slowly compared to devices in the iPhone 12 line.

Covers and accessories

Apple also added MagSafe cases and accessories to its Brazilian store. The company offers cases for all four cell phone models of the iPhone 12 line in Brazil.

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