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As when the final was held a few months ago, we are still in the middle of the Coronavirus pandemic but sports competitions do not stop – at least, for now. And today and tomorrow, Day 1 of the Champions League begins, with the presence of 4 Spanish teams: FC Barcelona, ​​Sevilla FC, Real Madrid and Atlético de Madrid. Two of them will play their first group match now at 9pm, and two of them will do so tomorrow.

Champions League Matchday 1

Today, the 20th, Barcelona will face Ferencváros on the one hand. The demons of August 14 in Lisbon will continue to resonate in the memory of more than one person, but one of the tasks of the mythical Koeman is precisely to restore passion to his players and illusion to his stands. In front of him the Ferencvaros, to which the Blaugranas must win yes or yes.

On the other hand, Sevilla, who until 4 days ago had 18 league games without losing, and who will play in a London closed by Covid-19 against Chelsea that is pulling checkbooks for their signings without looking at the figures.

See online Barcelona – Ferencvaros and Chelsea – Sevilla of the Champions League
If you are subscribed to Movistar + and you are not at home, you can always watch the matches of these days through the operator’s official app, which allows you to view its content on demand and live on your mobile and tablet. Just download the application, enter your starting data and immediately you will have access to the games, also with Aura, an assistant that you can use with voice or text commands to consult the programming, see new content or tune into a channel.

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The application allows things like watching the games from the start even if you have arrived late, controlling the live broadcast; start watching the game at home and continue on your mobile if you have to go out, or vice versa.

Movistar +: Watch both games at the same time

The trick to watch both games at the same time? Well, if you are at home or next to a TV with Movistar +, you can watch one of the meetings on TV and tune in to the other on your smartphone or tablet with the app. The reproduction will be simultaneous and there will be no problem in seeing them at the same time, putting Barcelona – Ferencvaros on Dial 50, and Chelsea – Sevilla on Dial 51

Then we leave you the app on Android and iOS so that you can access the game of matches if you are not at home.


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