See: NFL World Reacts to Tom Brady’s Pregame Message


Today is the 23rd year for Tom Brady. It’s been an eventful offseason, to put it mildly, but the first week has finally arrived, and Tom Brady sounds more motivated than ever. In a promotional video posted on his social media accounts, the seven-time Super Bowl champion shared why he decided to come out of retirement:

I can make a long speech, but the answer is actually quite simple. We have a hell of a team. I still feel pretty good, and it’s scary to lose my arm. I have been reminded for almost ten years that you are heading towards extinction. Or maybe so, but not today. See you in Dallas.

The NFL world reacted to Brady’s clip on Sunday morning.

“MY [EXPLETIVE] QB,” one fan commented in capital letters.

“If you say he’s not a GOAT, you’re just denying the truth,” another replied.

“Tom Brady is so [expletive] electric,” the user said.


“I’ve gone from literally hating this man to wanting to play golf with him every Saturday,” Taylor Hemness tweeted.

The Bucs will take on the Cowboys on Sunday night’s stage at 8:20 p.m. ET.


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