See: NFL World Reacts to News of Mack Jones’ Practice


Over the weekend, the New England Patriots lost to division rival Miami by a score of 20-7.

The Dolphins dominated from the first whistle on the way to the start of the season with a score of 1-0. For the Patriots, the defeat was only the beginning of bad news.

Starting quarterback Mike Jones suffered a back injury late in the game. Initially, there were concerns that he would not be able to play against the Pittsburgh Steelers this weekend.

However, when the Patriots took to the practice field on Wednesday afternoon, Jones was there. The fans were glad that their starting quarterback was back.

“The Patriots should have their QB on Sunday,” one reporter said.

Other fans hoped he would miss the gameā€”for some reason.

“Nooo, it must be Zappe szn,” one fan said.

“It would probably be better if he did time,” said another.

New England and Pittsburgh will start at 1:00 p.m. ET on Sunday afternoon.


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