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Widgets are shortcuts that facilitate access to applications and tools on the cell phone. The feature, available on iPhones from iOS 10 in the “Preview for Today” section, arrives on the home screen of Apple smartphones with iOS 14, due to be released in the autumn of the Northern Hemisphere. The technology is also popular on Android phones.

With different formats and tasks, widgets are application complements and can appear as a window, a menu or a button, informing time, weather, game score and more. In the list below, find out the meaning of the term “widget” and how the technology works on mobile.

What is a widget?

It is speculated that the term “widget” originated from the combination of the English words “window” and “gadget” (device). The tool consists of a graphical interface created to simplify access to services and functions of the cell phone, without necessarily running the application to perform a certain task.

Widgets have different shapes, sizes and functions. Some of these shortcuts can fill the home screen, while others take up less space. Some are adjustable in size, so you can customize the amount of information displayed for a particular shortcut.

Widgets can bring information, such as clocks, game scores, climate-weather, among other tools. There are also collection shortcuts, which display the same elements several times, such as a photo gallery, for example. This type of feature is common in news and e-mail services.

Music players, which allow you to skip the track, play or pause the song, are called control widgets. The interesting thing is also that they do not need to be installed separately, since the feature comes in the system or built into applications.


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